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40/40 perfect paper. Grade A. Would work with again.
- by Tee for Vikas

Good job, but you should try to ask more about the assignment to save your time.
- by Smile for NITKKR

Great Thanks I will use yu often your work is awesome
- by lil_cougar1 for satts

you are awesome thanks for staying up even though our timezones are opposite thanks
- by hungrykidjm for satts

This person help me out a lot, when my grades were dropping. So I trust this person 1000% . On Time, and Promise on Time
- by helpme49 for expertsolution

NITTKR is a wonderful tutor. He has the knowledge, talent, and patience to break down each step and tie it together logically to allow for a solid basis of understanding. His kind mannerism made me realize right away that I made an excellent choice.
- by Lookforatheory13 for NITKKR

Great work, was willing to work with me on getting the work done. Very conscientious of doing the best work possible.
- by Genie for Statwoman

Awesome work, learned a few things i originally overlooked. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
- by LadyMoony for Vikas

Great at what he does and very prompt with it!!! I couldn't ask for a better tutor. I've decided he will be my personal tutor throughout my class.
- by hotice1 for Vikas

Awesome tutor, thanks for the excellent grades this semester.
- by MGM for rajdeep77

Excellent write up as always. I will recommend "mhs".
- by Topper for mhs

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