Intro Business Describe And Explain The Five Basics For Mining Group Gold Roles Of Primary Secondary Facilitator Why Is It

Describe and explain the five basics for Mining Group Gold. Describe and explain the roles of the primary and secondary facilitator. Why is it important to switch hats when in one of these roles? Describe and explain what is meant by safe-guarding and gate opening. How do both ideas empower all members of a group? What are the steps to dealing with emotions during a session or meeting? Describe and explain how you believe the Mining Group Gold process will improve teamwork, empowerment, and effective communication


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    Mining group gold is a team process and meeting management process, its sole purpose is to leverage the combined wisdom, experience and ideas of each team member. 
    The five basic steps for mining group gold are:
    1.) Determine the purpose of the session or meeting.
    2.) Determine the desired outcomes of the session or meeting.
    3.) Assign the roles of facilitator, scribe and timekeeper.
    4.) Set the agenda.
    5.) Establish the time allocation for each item on the agenda.
    Mining group gold is designed for teams or group of individuals to maximize and capitalize on their collective effort in a decision meeting venue. Who will perform the roles of facilitators, time keeper and Scribe; the agenda of the meeting; time allotted to each agenda in the meeting (Kayser, 1992, p.2).
    In meetings there are two different facilitators, Primary facilitator and secondary facilitator. Role of Primary facilitator is to ensure that group meeting is going on properly basically primary facilitator manages the meetings. Primary facilitator is playing 2 roles at a time, one of manager of meeting and second of contributing to meeting. Everyone else except Primary facilitator in the meeting is Secondary facilitator who will only be contributing in the meeting.  It is important to switch hats when in one of the roles because Primary facilitator is expected ensure that role switching is done properly in the meeting and he should also give his personal ideas, opinions in the discussion of the meeting as a contributor (Kayser, 1995, p. 2 and 3) .
    As per the assigned roles the facilitators are striking and promoting ideas in order to reach the goal of the meeting in the desired and the allocated time. The Scribe and the Time keeper also perform the tasks of keeping a note on the main points discussed in the meeting and the time given to each agenda. However, the managers or the team leaders should ensure that there is safe guarding and gate opening in the meeting which means there is equal chances given to everyone in the meeting to share and contribute their ideas. 
    Managers or facilitators should not get distracted by getting into biased situations rather try contributing their ideas that would help the group participate in it and let the meeting reach its desired aim. Each member in a group should safely strike and promote their ideas and also respect the ideas given by the other members in the meeting. Gate opening is actually a term assigned to the situation where the primary facilitator strikes ideas and also tries to promote ideas of the members of the group in an effective manner to reach to the desired aim of the meeting.
     It is very normal if you will some of the team members or many of the team members shows emotions while the discussions in the meeting. It is very important for the Primary facilitator or manager of the meeting to handle emotions of the members in the meeting very effectively or in a positive manner (Kayser, 1995, p. 2 and 3).
    “Feelings- Facts-Solutions” sequence should be followed by primary facilitator or manager to handle emotions. Manager should acknowledge and accept the feelings that have already been let out he cannot ignore the feelings of the member that is already let out neither can he ask people to keep their feeling aside. For decision making process all the feelings should be handled properly and kept aside so that proper decision making can be done or the purpose of the meeting can be achieved. I believe that the Mining Group Gold process will help the meetings to be structured and scheduled in a proper way with its set aim and agenda. Since the meetings will be planned well and all the things about the meeting will be clear in team members mind, then it will e easy to achieve the purpose of the meeting. Primary facilitator channelizes the emotions that are vented during the meeting so that there are no clashes of ideas and the purpose of the meeting is not defeated (Kayser, 1995, p. 2 and 3). To achieve purpose of the meeting emotions should be taken proper care of by Primary facilitator as this would also help in effective communication among team members. Mining group gold process will improve teamwork, empowerment and effective communications as stated above.

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    Mining group gold is a team process and meeting management process, its sole pur... read more by clicking on the button below